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Expert Career Consulting

Pre-admission consult with team of our expert career advisors & proceed with admission Formalities.

Dedicated SRM

Allotment of Student Relationship Manager (SRM) with unique registration access code and direct whats app/mobile number/email contact that support throughout the process of entire course.

Diploma to Doctorate level courses

Customized Courses

Fastest Processing Welcome Kit

Admission confirmation mail, e-ID card, e-boos, paper boos & supporting study links. You can start your study at home office at your time & place.​

Hard / Soft Copy Contents

Unique Specializations

Multiple Specializations

Self Explanatory Materials

Material is easy to understand with deep practical learning concepts.

Practical - Case Study Approach

Latest & Updated Contents

Best in Class Author's

Placement assistance services for eligible applicants. guidance for interview Resume writing & interview calls.

Add-on Specializations

Add-on Subjects

Placement assistance services for eligible applicants. guidance for interview Resume writing & interview calls.

Expert Team of Professors

Web Study Support

in case of query you can access professors support on web-mail.​

Economical Fees Structure

Web Study Support

Globally Recognised

Placement Support

Placement assistance services for eligible applicants. guidance for interview Resume writing & interview calls.

No Hidden Cost

Fees are all inclusive from registration fees, program fees, study material, examination, issue of mark-sheets & certificates. No need to pay any charges till issue of certificates.

"Your Success is
Our Achievement"

Unique Selling Propositions (USP):
ICMind is 1st institute to offer 100% customization to each and every individual students based on their profiles. With wide range of courses not only quench thirst of each individual student but also provides excellence manpower for all respective domains across industries & sectors. Features & Advantages of ICMind are self-sufficient to understand why one should opt for ICMind over other secondary options.

      • National & International Recognition Accreditation
      • Professional Career Advisors For Guidance
      • 100% Customized Course Based On CV Analysis, Profile Requirements
      • Fast Track Multi-Duration Courses
      • Soft Skills & Corporate Skills Development Programs
      • Courses / Syllabus of Top B-Schools, Institutes, Universities  & Other Institutions.
      • Diploma To Doctorate Level Placement & Job Oriented Courses
      • Multiple, Unique – Over 977 Specializations
      • Single & Multiple Specialization Truly Specialized Courses
      • Add-on Specializations Option
      • Project & Thesis Appreciation Awarded For All Courses
      • Flexibility Aspects Exam on Demand
      • Fastest Processing of Result & Certification
      • Study Material & Syllabus Hard-Soft Material E-Library & Reference Download Sample Soft Materials
      • Quality Content Syllabus
      • Testimonials Of Successful Alumni Awards & Rewards.
      • Fees Payment Aspects Fees & Student Categorization World Bank -Fees Structure .   
      • Placement Aspects
      • Management – Track Record Of Over 7 Years
      • Duration & Eligibility System
      • Course Categorization Prefix & Suffix
      • Professionalism & Futuristic Approach
  • It’s Flexible:
    You can earn and study at the same time! Flexibility is the biggest advantage of distance learning courses. This stands true especially if you are a working professional. Not everyone has the luxury of taking their own time to finish their studies. For those who had to take a break from studies to start working, such courses are a boon and provide the opportunity to pursue higher education.

  • Saves Time & Energy:
    You save up a lot of time and energy on commuting. You can stay at any place and pursue a course that is available at ICMIND. Or you might be based out of a remote village or town which does not have enough options for higher studies. Distance learning courses eliminate these obstacles.

  • Case Based Learning :
    A case-based approach engages students in discussion of specific situations, typically real-world examples of Indian and International companies. Allowing the students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice.

  • Study at your own Pace:
    Not everyone has the same pace of learning. Some students pick up things fast, others need time to grasp a concept. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is that you can study at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  • Saves Money:
    These courses are almost always cheaper as compared to their on-campus counter-parts. You also cut down on the costs incurred while commuting etc.

  • Personal Fulfillment:
    An MBA is the key to unlocking both a professionally and personally rewarding future. Education is the foundation upon which you can build lifelong business and personal achievements. The ICMIND MBA program is designed to enrich your personal life, as well as to keep you informed about a constantly changing industry.

  • Convenient:
    You can submit your assignment with the click of a button or simply drop it off at a post-office! It’s sometimes as simple as that!

  • 24 X 7 Access to Study Material & fellow Students:
    This is the best way to study if you are comfortable with internet and technology. You can access your study material online whenever you want and also clear doubts, exchange views and discuss with your virtual class-mates!

  • Study any Topic You Want:
    Since you‘d already have all your books/online study material with you, you can pick up any topic/chapter that interests you and tackle that first! This way your interest in the subject is sustained.

  • Higher Level of Self-Confidence:
    The knowledge gained through our Correspondence MBA program will enhance your effectiveness in your current position and help define your future career path. It will sharpen your skills in critical business areas, giving you the self-confidence you need to become a leader in your profession.

  • Specializations:
    We provide more than 100 specializations which allow students to gain additional knowledge and background on specific business area.

ICMind has creative Career Expertise Team who not only guide professional bus as well recruit team of people who can spread its awareness everywhere. We help professionals to recognize their talents and identify their goals while working toward careers. Our Expertise also evaluates their students training and teaches them to balance work & family with course. Career advisors are well trained with good qualifications & excellent skills to guide with proper course & specialization of respective industry.

Professional can have free counseling session with ICMind expertise for their future prospects advantages without any confusion & can take on the spot admission by collecting Full ICMind Kit. They have a passion for helping students and able to work with people of all races, ages and cultural backgrounds. They are ethical, trustworthy, and able to inspire confidence to students by giving all maximum information transparently.

ICMind Expertise are  someone widely recognized as reliable source or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain. Our expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study which is necessary to guide students.

Advisors have a prolonged or intense experience through practice in a every field. ICMind Expertise always come up with appropriate solution on each query of student’s pre & post enrollments throughout so they should not face any difficulty while studying.

At ICMind, one can study with flexibly. The courses introduce an individual to his maximum potential & magnify them creating limitless opportunities turning them to leaders, hand-shaker & wealth seekers.

The courses are best to amplify practical skills, when detailed feedback on performance and performance improvement is required. Offering topical new fields of study which encourage an individual to address diverse issues by providing applicants access to study material and academic pursuits of excellence, delivered in the home territory itself.

Course Material

The focal point of ICMind study materials is enhancing Practical Education. Study material provided to applicants is full of practical scenarios, explanation in terms of facts rather than only theoretical phrases. Study is customized to be self-explanatory & easy to understand.

Books / Notes – Study incorporates intellectuals, accommodating current management situations, as examples & cases for revision are provided to students which are one of a kind & not obtainable otherwise. Adding personal touch to majority of books & explaining present real life scenarios, making an aspirant aware of what the future holds for him & how he can manage & handle the same is the key intent of these books. The material would be couriered or mailed to the student within 25 working days from the date of enrollment along with added services. Besides using the traditional books has also modernized the learning process by providing students with online portal consisting of – presentations, links to reference videos and audio contents that summarize the subjects and also explains in details too. PDF files or image files are also provides to make reading convenient and flexible. Such presentations links and files are for selected topics of importance. This facility helps in keep up with the fast modern pace & making it interestingly easy to understand.

Faculty Guidance – Our panel of intellectuals guide students with regards to any query through email about any concept related to study subjects of syllabus.


Students are given the privilege to answer exams from any venue in the world along with the freedom to pick the schedule for the same, as time permits in the particular examination months specified in exam detials. Students are allotted 2 modes of examinations – Home Based/Center Based.

Question papers would be drafted by our panel of veteran professors which would be maximum Case study pattern. Adroit professor’s will make sure copying isn’t an option & the questions given would extract more personal skills on paper in words.

This unique & novel methodology teaches a student how to assess business situations and make decisions based upon those assessments, allowing students to display their potential. In case of home based exams question paper would be emailed to the students, which they would have to answer & courier back to us in the respectable exam slab.

Candidate also has the option of appearing for Center Based Examination wherein they would have to visit one of the many exam centers & complete answering the exam in the duration of 3 hours which wouldn’t be an open book examination.

Tap in to the experts at ICMind to design customized executive education for your company. We know that i pegs don’t fit into round holes, and we understand that one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t solutions at all. That’s why we helped to pioneer customized executive education. Here at The ICMind, we design customized programs that enable organizations to re-examine old processes and challenges with new eyes. We focus on you – and what you need to obtain results. Whilst tailoring our programs, in order to meet the precise needs of every organization, we keep in mind your procedures, policies and work culture, ensuring that the training is relevant and compliant. These programs can be delivered in-house or out house depending upon your organization’s requirements.

ICMind Management Development Program and consulting programs bring its business management acumen through an experienced faculty that works with you to understand your organizational needs and to help realize your goals through synergistic partnership.

An Interactive Process:
Customized programs at the ICMind begin in the same manner that they are designed and delivered: with dialogue. We pride ourselves on treating you as real people rather than requests, so we invite you to email us, or call us to discuss your company’s goals and objectives. After determining whether your needs match our capabilities, we will prepare a program proposal for your company to review.

ICMind requires a no minimum participants for a customized program. All participants who successfully complete each program will receive a certificate of completion from the ICMind

For a more complete understanding of customized education at The ICMind, please contact us.

Note: The Program Structure and electives are tentative and subject to change, if required. Fees are subject to revision at any time.

Unique Specializations:
At ICMind, we offer over 100 specializations; hence we have a course for almost everyone. You can select almost any specialization. In general fees will remain same for almost all specializations excluding few peculiar / specific specializations.

Subject to approval from education advisory committee of experienced professors, we do offer further unique specialized courses (in addition to the list of specializations provided in prospectus)

We do offer customized courses based on requirement of corporate, companies, professional, social groups and also to individuals with interest to learn something different & innovative attitude towards learning new horizons.

Pre-requisite for acceptance to such request is approval from our advisory committee, your adequate interest, adequate experience in relative subject. Inbuilt specialization(s) and additional specialization(s) option:

    • You may apply for minimum 1-2 specializations depend upon the course applied for. (Included in course subject as spz-1 / spz-1 and spz-2)
    • You may apply for maximum 2 additional specializations by forwarding request and application for the same along with applicable additional fees for the same. Fees for additional specialization is INR5000/- per additional specialization for Indian students in India and US$200/- for NRI & foreign students.
    • You may select all specialization for one group or from different groups.

How to select the right specialization:

      • Please refer to the list of specializations given below.
      • Select few specialization of your area of interest, academic qualification, and work experience.
      • Discuss with our experienced career counselors to understand and decide the right course, specializations that can benefit you
      • Our experienced counselors would be delighted to assist you in deciding the right course and right specialization.
      • You may download our prospectus for a glance at courses and list of specializations.

Student need not to opt for multiple courses. You can apply for add-on specialization withe any course you apply.

Study Material Aspects:
The Study material and syllabus plays an important function as an aspect of ranking of institute. The quality of the material, its updates, modes, concept coverage and explanations, practical approach has direct relation to the success of followers – students – institute and economy as a whole. At ICMind has always considered the same as a matter of highly important aspect for success & this we make sure about the all the relevant aspects.

    • Syllabus Philosophy
    • Over 2977 Titles
    • Quality Content Syllabus & Study Materials
    • World Class Study
    • Practical / Applied Knowledge Based
    • Case Study focused
    • Comprehensive content
    • Self Explanatory
    • Regularly Updated
    • International & National approach
    • Hard Copy And /Or Soft Copy* Study Material
    • Online* Study Materials/Library/E-Library – Resources
    • Download Sample Resources
    • Study Material Testimonials
    • Timely / On-Time / Before Time delivery of study Material

Management Syllabus Philosophy
The management subjects are having scope, applicability and requirement at all industries, all sectors, all levels, all department & division of any organizations. The management studies are the most important for horizontal & vertical professional & personal growth of any organization and individuals. Management not includes only business and profession aspect of organization but it also involves personal aspects, quality, Techniques development and implementation. It covers subjects and aspects of Time management, Quality management, Esteem Management, Relationship Management, Communication Skills management, negotiation, Conflicts management, Leadership Quality & positive thinking development & practice and many more…

The success of any individual depends on balancing of all various aspects viz. Social-relationship, Financial, Business, Job, Spiritual Etc… What you may never achieve by just securing technical certification, degree or diploma in any other streams of education can be secured with only and only management studies. We make our students understand personal SWOT Analysis to make them decide upon the right place for their talent and real optimistic success…  “At ICMind Management Education Is a Scientific Art of Optimistic Successful Living”

Paper Books & E-Notes:
In general study material is issued in Hard copy (Original Books) of renowned Publishers and Authors having authority of knowledge on respective subject title. Apart from / Instead of printed material soft copy Email/CD/VCD/DVD format, Presentations, Online viewable / Readable resources are made available to the student from time to time to be determined by ICMind and depending on the course requirement. Sample study material PDF may be downloaded from the download menu.

Easy Self-Explanatory Material:
At most care has been taken to see to it that our students (working class professionals & fresher) do not find any difficulties in understanding study material without affecting the quality of knowledge. The study material is self explanatory & very easy to understand with the help of case study & examples approach of the study material.

Quality Content:
The Study Material is one of the major areas of Total Quality Management; the department of research considers all necessary efforts to prepare / select and issue study material in traditional and/or other innovative modes of knowledge transformation with qualities like…

    • World Class Study
    • Practical / Applied Knowledge Based
    • Case Study focused
    • Comprehensive content
    • Self Explanatory
    • Regularly Updated

At most care has been taken to see to it that our students (working class professionals & fresher) do not find any difficulties in understanding study material without affecting the quality of knowledge. The study material is self explanatory & very easy to understand with the help of case study & examples approach of the study material. This Quality measures assures that our students are well equipped with latest management techniques & gets upgraded knowledge.

Word Class Updated Study Material:

As an ISO certified International B-School, the study material provided by ICMind is world class syllabus / study material. The course material includes all the latest headings which many multinational companies entail. In fact all the books, which are been provided to the students, are been selected in concern with / according to the directions of many of the multinational companies. The customized course material is prepared by Tata Mc Graw hill & other publications which is reviewed after every 6-8 months. The study material gets updated every 6-8 months; this is to ensure that ICMind students are well equipped with latest management techniques & gets upgraded knowledge. The study materials include full range of syllabus.

You may utilize library services.

Expert Outstanding Faculty:
ICMind Faculty members are highly qualified & experienced. Professors provide substantial assistance through 24*7 web support. Each & every query regarding studies, cases, projects are resolved on time & responded with clear, relevant answers on par with syllabus. They update themselves from time to time about the changing market scenario & syllabus.

Thus working professionals have chance to get resourceful information by
interacting with professors through web-support from time to time. Our team & our professors believe that timely communication & assistance is vital for
our successful association with our students.

Our motto being imparting education to working class people, we give our students the innovative learning experience through case study focus. To provide quality education, our professors are well-versed with industrial & practical approach to syllabus in books & well equipped with esoteric knowledge. Information or answers provided by professors are well researched both theoretically as well as methodically. Giving the right directions designed with their practical experience. Our professors assist student with zeal & enthusiasm.

Recognition Philosophy:

One category organizations are just focusing on shortcut money making.   In education sector numerous organizations are still providing out dated poor quality courses, syllabus, and services… without any genuine recognition certification to their valuable students. Few of them may even cheat by providing unbelievable 100% placement guarantee, Special unbelievable offers, back dated certificates, passing guarantee, certificate without examinations… Innocent students in greediness or unawareness have to suffer for the gain of such organizations.

Second category organizations are just focusing on certification and reorganizations for e.g. in education sector numerous organizations are still providing out dated poor quality courses, syllabus, services… to their valuable students. Few of them may have available with great recognition (DEC/ AICTE / UGC) form government which is vary important as far as Govt. Jobs are concerned in India. But this out dated knowledge certification does not work that great in performing interviews at MNCs and corporate at high level jobs. Still Students opt for this sort of courses for Govt. Recognition. But suffer on the part of not practical knowledge which is must for any sector.

Third category organizations are just focusing on quality courses, syllabus, and services. Few of them may not have any such recognition too… still marketing the courses and provide an independent great service that really helps to the individuals and organizations for improving knowledge base and even practical implication in business. But this may not work as far as jobs are concerned in MNCs or corporate sectors. As per the latest trend the minimum eligibility for interview at many companies have became PG / MBA / EMBA etc…  Thus student suffer even after acquiring great knowledge.

Fourth category organizations are just focusing on quality courses, syllabus, and services. Few of them may not have any such recognition too… still marketing the courses and provide an independent great service that really helps to the individuals and organizations for improving knowledge base and even practical implication in business. But this may not work as far as jobs are concerned in MNCs or corporate sectors. As per the latest trend the minimum eligibility for interview at many companies have became PG / MBA / EMBA etc…  Thus student suffer even after acquiring great knowledge.

At ICMind we have understood and analyzed the need of quality education with international recognition. In current business environment certifications and recognition form independent recognized bodies is of immense importance as compared to traditional certification. As a futuristic organization with great experience we are of the view that becoming just member of any organization is not going to provide any competitive advantage. But practically participating in various international organizations and events will make the difference.Also just getting in the organization – certifying body is not sufficient. Best getting organization within ourselves is important.  Qualities of various organizations – certifying body has to be introduced within our self, our people, our members, our organizations, our society as a whole. Considering advance futuristic theory ICMIND have acquired various quantity recognition that includes:

International & National organizations.

ICMIND has covered innumerable milestones at different levels of its expansion. What makes us an eminent brand is our youthful zest and enthusiasm to continuously reach new benchmarks. ICMIND has got the various prestigious Registrations / Accreditation / Association, Certification, Credentials, Knowledge partners & Knowledge credits.






INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (ISTE): INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (ISTE): ISTE is one of the most prestigious Bodies governing Technical Education and is also one of the AICTE approved Body to run various programs including WPLP – Working Professionals Learning program. The ISTE is a national, professional, non-profit society registered under the societies Registration Act of 1860. First started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions, it was converted into “Indian Society for Technical Education” in 1968 with a view to enlarging its activities and advancing the cause of technological education. ICMIND director is proud to be an institutional member of ISTE. The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers / technicians and Management graduates needed by the industries and other organizations. Being the only national organization of educators in the field of engineering, Management and technology, ISTE is involved in the various technical committees, boards formed by central government, Ministry of Human resource Development, AICTE/DOTE/DST.State government, are also involving the ISTE in many of their important programs and activities relating to technical education.


NATIONAL HRD (NHRD): NATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (NHRDN)NHRDN is an association of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals in order to enable them make an impact-full contribution to enhancing competitiveness and creating value for society. ICMind Director is proud member of NHRDN. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. The network is managed by HR professionals in an honorary capacity, stemming from their interest in contributing to the HR profession. 


ICMIND is recognized as associate partner of various recognized universities in India. ICMIND provides “DEC – Distance Education Council” approved Government of India Recognized and affiliated, UGC approved courses in association with.

ICMind is associated and/or registered with various groups for services related to placement, Knowledge development & sharing etc…, venture of Hindustan Times Group: ICMIND is Associated with to assist our students with best of placement assistance.

Bombay Management association (BMA):
BMA is associated as Knowledge partner with ICMIND. BMA is India’s most premier Management Association, established in 1954. It is an Independent non-profit making entity, which focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness in a broad sphere of activities with a common desire to improve the standards of Business Management in India. BMA organises conferences and seminars on Tax Planning, Financial Services, Information Technology, Human Resource Development, Quality etc. BMA is an association of Institutional and Individual Members with the objective to promote and develop sound management principles and practices. ICMind director is proud member of BMA. BMA tries to achieve its various objectives through various programmes, seminars, lectures etc. in the process of improving the standards of management profession.


We prove 100% placement assistance. You may refer to placement page for details.

ICMind membership is an add-on advantage provided to students.