Professional in (Specialization)

Course Duration:
Minimum 06 to Maximum 24 Months

Admission Eligibility:
Graduation or Diploma in any stream with 3 years of work experience

Course Structure & Subjects:

Group -I
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3

Subject 4
Subject 5
Project Report on Specialization

Fees Details:

Indian Resident: Rs.39,900/-

Foreigner / NRI: US$1390/-

The importance and complexity of managing human resources has grown over the years, as have the opportunities for employment in this exciting area of management. Recognizing these changes, Professional Human Resource Management has designed to assist individuals and organizations in improving the value they contribute to their business success from a Professional Human Resource Management (PHRM) perspective. Designed for the entry-level person who works in this field. The Professional Human Resource Management Certificate program provides the knowledge you need to develop effective practices for an ever-changing, complex workplace.

Course Structure:

    • Personnel management
    • Organization behavior
    • Labor law Human rights and policies
    • Accounting Training and development
    • Corporate HRM

This educational program is designed for Professionals working in banks, Investment Houses, Investment Banks, Cooperative Insurance, Private Equity Professionals, Professionals in commercial banks and insurance companies, and those seeking a fundamental understanding of nature and forms of Banking and Insurance. At the end of the program, participants will

    • Acquire knowledge about the development of banking and insurance.
    • Understand the role of capital markets and financial regulations.
    • Summary of rules for deposits and investment accounts in banking.
    • Understand the importance of using treasury and trade products and services.
    • Increase awareness of subscriptions Takaful and Re-Takaful.

Course Structure:

    • Insurance department of banking and insurance
    • Banking department of banking and insurance
    • Asset and liability of banking and insurance
    • Law of banking, negotiable instruments and insurance
    • Banking and insurance capital Management
    • Financial ,treasury and for-ex management
    • Banking regulation and deposit insurance

Professional Financial management is very important or significant because it is related to funds of company. Professional Financial management guides to finance manager to make optimum position of funds. With study of financial management, we can protect our business from pre-carious mis-management of money.

    • In Professional financial management, we deeply study our balance sheet and all sensitive facts should be watched which can endanger our business into loss.
    • You can searching on Google “who are getting high salary in the world” and it is quite startling for all of us that financial managers whose duty is to use the funds of company effectively, are getting more salary. This fact obviously reveals the significance of Professional financial management.
    • All above things can be possible only after study Professional financial management.

Course Structure:

    • Finance
    • Merger and acquisitions
    • Corporate finance
    • Management accounting
    • Investments policies and schemes
    • Cost Accounting
    • International Finance

Marketing management is an essential part of any business. This division in the company is also in charge of handling the company’s marketing events and activities to effectively advertise the products and services of the company. Without this, products won’t be introduced in the market. In fact, products won’t survive a week in stores if proper marketing and promotion is not observed.

That is why it is crucial for marketers and managers to go through extensive trainings in marketing to be familiar with latest trends and best practices. In this way, the marketing team can effectively execute plans and objectives that will surely improve the company’s products and services.

Professional in Marketing Management Course are also available through Distance mode to suit the needs of working professionals. This can save time and money in paying for classroom based trainings that can compromise time at work and at home. This is a very convenient option for those who have demanding schedules and daily deadlines to finish. Distance courses are also cheaper compared to those trainings provided by schools and universities.

Course Structure:

    • Business environment
    • Marketing
    • Sales management
    • Strategic management
    • Consumer behavior
    • Retail business environment

Private companies and government organizations involved in running large projects, or many smaller projects at the same time, already recognize the benefits of formal project management but as the amount of experience and knowledge gleaned from such tasks has increased so project management has become more complex. And as it has become more complex so the tools and methodologies have had to evolve to keep pace.

Professional in Project Management helps software development, manufacturing, engineering, and construction projects to plan, schedule and control all of the tasks and activities required. More and more they are also being used by services and solutions companies in order to add discipline and control to their projects.

Consequently, managing projects is now a fundamental part of many businesses and the role of project manager is now a professionally recognized one, which involves not only planning, scheduling and controlling activities but also expertise in the management of risk, change and quality. The skills required to successfully complete projects are very much in demand in the competitive business environment and include not only a technical ability to efficiently manage tasks but also people management skills and good business awareness.

Professional in Project Management qualification can be a real advantage for the students to upgrade the skills.

Course Structure:

    • Business environment
    • Project budgeting
    • Project marketing
    • Strategic management
    • HRM Organization behavior
    • Business and cost accounting

Just what does it take to be a tax professional? Certainly, knowledge of tax rules and principles sufficient to meet compliance demands are essential. At a more advanced level, the understanding of the tax law and experience necessary to engage in effective tax planning are also required. Such expertise–to a greater or lesser degree–is indisputably essential in the tax field. The foregoing exhortation suggests that, although professional training and experience are necessary to achieving competency in a chosen profession, they alone are insufficient.

Most tax professionals would agree. Traits of a more general nature–many products of a liberal education–may also be considered significant. Good judgment, creativity, and the ability to work with people (variously called interpersonal or interactive skills), along with numerous other qualifications, would be on most tax professionals’ lists of desirable traits. How are such traits to be acquired? Where are they to be found? If the days of formal schooling be many years in the past, is it too late to acquire and nurture them?

Course Structure :

    • Taxation
    • Management Accountancy
    • Cost Accounting
    • Portfolio Management
    • Auditing
    • Financial Management

Course Structure:

    • Material Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Production Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Logistic management
    • Total Quality Management



I really loved the course the way it is designed and kind of international relations culture global marketing strategies with practical touch to cross culture HR management. I wish i could have done this at my early stage to get best pramotions in early stage of my professional career. I just say its beautiful to start now.
John Doe
International Business Development Officer


Professional specialized programs are designed with a view to provide specialized knowledge in one single focused area of specialization through study of all subjects related to one group of specialization only. This may be comparable to study of only specialization part of Master’s program.

The Professional Courses in Management sets out clear guidelines for effective management by helping participants develop their own management style, manage information and communication, plan and manage resources and recruitment. The principles of Business management, Finance, Supervisory Management, Business Development, Project Management and other key management skill areas are explored.

The professional course in management identifies the roles and responsibilities of management and provides a comprehensive framework for future development, Superior technical skills to help you advance your career faster. This program helps in bringing analytic expertise to fields as diverse as strategic planning, market analysis, compliance, change management and the use of information technology.

This course is designed

    • To acquire spacious knowledge in one specialized field or subjects
    • To boost career in the respective specialized area.
    • Anyone who does not wish/require to invest resources (time, efforts, finance) in study of all subjects of Master’s but just wish/require to focus on subject of specialization of interest.
    • Students, Working Professionals, Business Personnel, Professors, Teachers
    • Anyone who is interested to acquire knowledge in any specific specialization.
    • Single Semester / Single Seating
    • Avoiding Maximum Possible General Subjects
    • Including maximum specialized subjects
    • Minimum 05 subjects
    • Almost all subjects related to one group of specialization only (if the course is for major domains)

If student’s profile demands for any additional vital subjects to be included in the course; he may choose to add minimum 1 subject per semester by paying extra fees. You may refer to list of subjects under courses menu for further details.

Indian Resident Fees: Rs.4,900/- Per Subject
Foreigner Fees: US$ 260/- Per Subject