ICMind Group

Infinite Coup Mind
Mine of infinite Revolution”

The ‘ICMind Education’ established by joint efforts of Infinite Coup Mind Education established under the act of Ministry of corporate affairs (Government of India) and highly experienced group of management professionals holding great, multilevel, multi-fold, variety-mix of experience over 11 years, including over 6 years of experience into management education. ICMind education, has continuously striven to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. It has objective to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by offering high-quality teaching through various modes.The ICMind Group of Institutes has been established with offering numerous diploma to doctorate level management program in Distance Education.

Today, it serves the educational aspirations of countless students’ base in India and abroad countries through various categorized institutions under the group and its regional centers, learner support centers and proposed overseas Centre. The Group of Institutes offers about 977 certificate, 977 Advance certification, 977 diploma, 125 Post graduation & Masters Program, 20 Doctoral program, with great strength of faculty members and academic staff at the headquarters and regional centers and considerably good academic team of committee members, professors, and counselors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professional organizations, and industry among others.

ICMind Education

ICMind Education
“Enlightening for Infinite Revolution”

ICMind is revolutionary project of management professionals, executives & business class group representatives inspired from contribution and standing of Tata Group, Reliance Group, IIM, IIPM, IGNOU, VRI (Vipassyana Research Institute) an NGO and numerous national & international organizations & individuals to cultivate a brand “ICMind” across the sectors, industries, geographical boundaries that may lead to complete transformation in process of national economic development and social restructuring through creating and utilizing infinite coup minds of nation. ICMind Education is the most important division of ICMind Group. ICMind Education has been contemplating to explore in various area of education through establishment and operations of independent institutions schools, colleges, councils, committee, and assembly for the same. Various specialized institutions have been established and under establishment for providing specialized educational services in respective fields of studies. The ICMind education includes ICMind Group of Schools, ICMind Group of Institutes, ICMind Group of College, ICMind Group of Institutes.

ICMind Institutes

ICMind Group of Institutes:
“Beyond Customized Education for Transformation”

ICMind Group of Institute is a vision project of establishment and development of Brand of Institutes operating, developing and contributing across sectors, industries and range of available categories. This project involves following categories and institutes:

ICMind Institute of Management (IIM)
Deserve to Discover Management Within You

ICMind Institute of Research (IIR)
Deserve to Discover Management Within You

ICMind Institute of Technology (IIT)
“Inspiring Technology for the Future”


The objectives directive of the Group of Institutes is to:

    • Provide access to higher education to all segments of the society;
    • Offer high-quality, innovative and need-based programs at different levels, to all those who require them;
    • Reach out to the disadvantaged by offering programs in all parts of the world at affordable costs; and
    • Re-define, coordinate & Promote, the ultimate standards of education.
    • To achieve the twin objectives of widening access for all sections of society and providing continual professional development and training to all sectors of the economy.