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Result Declaration
Results are declared within 30-45 working days from the date of receipt of the hand written answer papers along with copy of the question papers. The results are declared in the form of email. The Mark-sheets & certificates are issued only after completion of the entire course. 

Fastest Process of Evaluation to Certification
With huge amount of enrollments generally for many reputed organizations, it is a really time consuming factor to evaluate papers and issue of certificates. At ICMind though we have huge enrollments every year still we are able to meet the expectations of students to evaluate and issue certificates within the industry benchmark time frame. This has been possible due to efficient working from dedicated team of professors.

You shall intimate any objection on e-result declared over email. Student may apply for re-checking of answer sheets by sending mail request to also you can reach your your student relationship manager,  Such Re-checking option will be available till maximum 30 days from the date of result declaration mail. Re-checking shall be done within 30-45 working days from the date of payment of re-checking fees. Re-checking attracts fees for each subject(s).

Indian Resident in India: Rs.500/- Per Subject
NRI or Foreigner Student: US$50 Per Subject

If no objection & no re-checking request is received within 30 working days of result declaration, confirmation draft certificate shall be declared in 15 working days. You will be informed about each semester results by e-mail only.

Awarding Original Certificate:
You shall receive your original certificates after declaration of all the semester results i.e. the printed certificate & mark-sheets will be issued only after completion of the entire course & not at each semester. The certification may be three parts consisting of

    • Consolidated Mark sheet
    • Certificate Award as per course
    • Appreciation letter in recognition of the project work undertaken successfully as part of course requirements. (if project/Research submitted)

Attestation Services:
Generally any attestation is not required or demanded within India. Such attestation may be required or useful if you have plans or requirements to move abroad. Still you may get a common apostle attestation done for western countries in advance that adds value to your certification.

Apostle attestation and/or Ministry of external affairs attestation  is provided subject to charges. This service are entirely depending on the availability & applicability of county of attestation. The time & charges vary from country to country & type of attestation. In general up-to 45 working days is assumed for such services. You may reach and your RM for further support.

For security reasons the specimen copy is not disclosed on the website. General features of certificate are…

    • Certificate look is comprises of University certificate features and International Education entity & security technology features.
    • The certificate is made will high amount of safety document papers, that may not be easily available. Duplicate cannot be created by any outsider except for central certificate issuing authority
    • Color Xerox of certificate will be indicating information – Color Xerox – Void or otherwise
    • Micro-lettering is to be used as a security feature as it is used in currency notes.
    • Student photo appears on the certificate that may act as identity to authenticity to certificates.
    • Bar Code, P-Code and various other codes makes it complicated for malpractice.
    • Hologram may be used to further strengthening effect to the certificate.
    • Original Logo of ICMind Education
    • Original Logo of other relevant & important affiliates may be affixed indicating international accreditation.

Grading System & Class Declaration
Grading is based on percentage of marks scored by individual student. The percentage marks must be exactly as specified any decimal shall not be rounded off to upper slab of grading system. 

Percentage & Above Letter Grade Class Qualitative Level
95% AAA+ Distinction Top Excellent
90% AAA Distinction Very Excellent
85% AA+ Distinction Excellent
80% AA Distinction Very Best
75% AA- Distinction Best
70% A+ First Class Very Good
65% A First Class Good
60% A- First Class Above Average
55% B+ Second Class Average
50% B Second Class Average
45% C+ Pass Class Satisfactory
40% C Pass Class Satisfactory
Below 40% D Fail Unsatisfactory


What is our Education Verification Service?
It has been recorded that in INDIA, 90% of all organised employers require job applicants to verify their educational documents with letters from the admission department of the institute where those documents were issued.

Education Verification Service by ICMind Education
When ICMind student or candidate requires such verification, our management sends the required educational documents to his/her employer / Prospect through Postal, E-mail.

For cross verification of the certificate one can mail the request to along-with scan copy of certificate and / or mark-sheets. Incase scan copy is not available you may specify details of reference number (SIDN) & name of the student.

A mail confirmation works and accepted by almost all organizations still in case required student may apply for copy of an educational verification letter. Upon your request, these letters can be sent directly to your employer for a nominal fee. You may order as many educational verification letters as you want through our order form. Online verification system shall be available in near term. As part of our student support services, ICMind Education provides an education verification service which assures our students that their Certificates will receive international recognition.