Masters in Research Studies (MRS)

Course Duration:

Minimum 12 to Maximum 36 Months

Admission Eligibility:
Graduate in respective discipline with minimum 55% aggregate Marks and 5 years of minimum work experience. OR Post Graduate with 3 years of work experience.

Course Structure & Subjects:

Group – 01:
Base Subject Indirectly related to Research

Group – 02:
Base Subject only related Research

Group – 03:
Advance Subject only related to topic of thesis

Group – 04:
Thesis Research Study Report

Fees Details:

Indian Resident: Rs.99,900/-

Foreigner or NRI: US$5990/-





I really loved the course the way it is designed and kind of international relations culture global marketing strategies with practical touch to cross culture HR management. I wish i could have done this at my early stage to get best pramotions in early stage of my professional career. I just say its beautiful to start now.
John Doe
International Business Development Officer


ICMind Institue of Research (IIR):

The IIR is specifically designed to conduct research courses in the field of management, Technology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology and all special unique categories of research studies.

Institute of Research carry add-on weightage when compared to Institute of management. As the term Research has a clear message of beyond studies of existing principles & it implies innovative angle to the subject to determine problem solving strategies & action Plan.

Masters In Research Studies (MRS):

MRS is a unique specialized research course conducted by IIR.

MRS is an advanced form of MBA/MMS. Where MBA is majorly focused on standard management subjects only whereas MRS is highly focused on Research Studies.

The course shall be designed as per selection of course specialization. It focuses on specified subject & in-depth of research topic. This course avoids studies of scattered studies that are unrelated to actual domain or industry or process of research.

As the course is focused on research studies. it has maximum advantage to top management key decision making personals who utilize the research and also to those who conduct research services.

Research is a must in all business, industry & domains. It is must in all types of organization private or public, small scale MSME, Mid cap companies, PSU or Large cap industries. For government policies, defense public services every aspect of life is determined by research studies.

It should be noted that research is conducted in the field of HR, Marketing, Finance, Bio-Tech, Pharma, Insurance, Govt Policies.

Generally research is confused with just data collection. But it not just data collection. Its reading the data between lines. Its understanding and determining what and how data speaks. Without proper analysis the data has no value.

The course includes aspects of research from data collection to the decision making analysis.


This is an international version of the course. The entire course remains same except the subjects shall focus on international approach of research.


Indian Resident Fees: Rs.1,09,900/-
Foreigner Fees: US$ 5990/-


This is an advance version of the course. The entire course remains same except the specializations research subjects.

In advance version you have access to extra subjects focused on research topic.


Indian Resident Fees: Rs.1,19,900/-
Foreigner Fees: US$ 5990/-

This is an international version of the course. The entire course remains same except the subjects shall focus on international approach of research.

Also as advance version it also provides extra exposure to subjects topic of research.


Indian Resident Fees: Rs.1,29,900/-
Foreigner Fees: US$ 5990/-